God’s Holy Scooper

The recent writings about my previous life have left me a bit raw.  It feels like there is a cleansing process happening – that the Lord has me opened up and He is scooping out the garbage that was deposited into my heart and mind.

At first I was afraid of this – I was a bit afraid of what would be left when He was finished.  I have been this way for so long.  Would I know how to even be without all of that stuff?  Would I know how to feel about life or how to respond to the things in the world around me?

Would I feel hollow inside?  It hardly seems conceivable to me that all of that stuff could be gone.  It was unsettling to think that way.  The Lord began to show me that because I was uncertain of what was to come, I was not allowing Him to do the work in me that He so longed to do.

I think back to a message that my husband Tim shared recently about the Israelites.  He talked about how, when Moses was on the Mount Sinai spending time with God, the Israelites turned away from God and back to idols.  They convinced Aaron to make a golden calf for them to worship.  (Ex. 32:1-6)

They had been delivered from plagues, from Egypt – God even parted the Red Sea to facilitate their freedom.  They were first hand witnesses to miracle after miracle yet when their spiritual leader was gone for a little while they fell back.  They got their eyes off of God and decided that they needed something to look at – something to worship.

I can’t fathom this, but we know that it is true.  I try to understand why they didn’t just wait for Moses to come back…  Why did they feel this strong desire to have something familiar to worship even though they knew that it was God who brought them through and kept them safe and fed?  But they didn’t wait, they turned back to idols, to religion because it was familiar – they knew what to expect – they could control the out-come.

Choosing to wait on Moses would be out of their comfort level.  They wouldn’t know what to expect and they certainly couldn’t control the out-come.  They were not willing to give over control of their worship or control of their lives to God.  They would rather have the known than the unknown – even if there was pain and slavery and no power for them in the known.  To stay inside their comfort level they gave up freedom and power – and for some, their lives.

Was I doing the same thing with my memories, with  my pain?  Was I holding on to the familiar so tightly that I was not willing to let God work in me because I was afraid of the out-come?  I wasn’t in control of the process so it seemed safer to stick with the familiar than to trust God and allow Him to begin His work in me.  Once again the father of lies had been whispering in my ear, filling my head with these fearful thoughts of the unknown.  Whispering suggestions that I was doing okay now – why not just stay in my comfortable place at least a while longer…

But God’s Word is a lamp unto my feet and He will illuminate the lies of satan if it is truly our hearts desire to follow God.  He has a standing invitation in my life to mess with my thinking, my emotions and any other thing that He sees fit…  I know that He doesn’t start stirring the pot for the sake of stirring.  He starts stirring things up and showing me things for my benefit, so that I can grow in my walk with Him, so that I can heal from things that I didn’t even realize were still hurting me and holding me back.  He stirs things up so that I can fulfill the work that He has laid out for me to do without hesitation.  He stirs things up so that I can be whole and live a life pointing back at Him as my source, my strength, my all.

Back to that cleansing process that I feel like God has started in me.  I truly do feel like God has got a big scooper and He is meticulously scooping out things and we are dissecting them together.  He pulls out a pile of stuff and says “Look Kris – we need to work on that for a bit.”  The work isn’t always easy, but He holds my hand He guides me and helps me when I feel like I just can’t do anymore.

I am no longer afraid of what will be left when He is finished, whenever that may be.  I know that what will be left will be from Him, new attitudes towards the things of the past, new ways of looking at things and new ways of dealing with them.  I know that what will be left when all is said and done what is left will be glorious because it will be a work of His hands – a masterpiece.

I can close my eyes and see that He has other scoopers all lined up.  He will begin to use the smaller ones as we go along until finally there will only be a tiny one that can hardly be seen with the human eye.  He will leave nothing that doesn’t belong inside me – He will work diligently at pulling all of the pain and the lies into the light for dissection.  He will complete a perfect work in me as long as I continue to allow Him to do so – and I will.

I saw this over the Halloween season (and you probably did too).  Just as I was about to publish this post I remembered it…  It is cure and so very true:

Being a Christian is like being a pumpkin.

pumpkin guts

Image by ¡♥ıʞns via Flickr

God lifts you up, takes you in, and washes all the dirt off of you.

He opens you up, touches you deep inside and scoops out all the yucky stuff– including the seeds of doubt, hate, greed, etc.
Then He carves you a new smiling face and puts His light inside you to shine for all the world to see.

How about you?  Are there things that He wants to dissect with you?  Are you willing to trust Him to go into those deep places and allow Him to begin a work in you?

I would love to hear your thoughts…  Something that you have to say might help me or someone else on their walk to healing, please leave a comment below if you are comfortable in doing so…  If you would like to contact me directly/privately, you may do so by emailing me at krislukings [at] gmail [dot] com or through Facebook using the link to the right.

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8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Desiray
    Nov 17, 2010 @ 17:31:35

    Reading your blog I thought about a scripture that says that He will sit as a refiner and purifier of silver; he will purify the Levites and refine them like gold and silver. Then the LORD will have men who will bring offerings in righteousness..Malachi 3:3

    He want us to be pure and kill of the sinful nature of man.



  2. Lisa
    Nov 17, 2010 @ 15:14:00

    Kris, this is such a beautiful picture of God’s love for us. He accepts us just as we are when we come to Him, but He loves us so much, that He doesn’t want to leave us that way. He wants to make us whole, complete. Thanks for sharing this.



  3. Rev Sharon Willson
    Nov 16, 2010 @ 21:23:12

    The Healing Journey is just that – a journey.
    It’ is not cheap and it is not easy – but oh, so beautiful.
    Costly pain purchases the oil that is in your lamp.
    Character built and wisdom learned.
    Look how beautiful you are!



  4. Rev. Sharon Willson
    Nov 16, 2010 @ 18:32:04


    The Keys are yours this day,

    to unlock those places far, far away.

    It’s coming up, it’s coming up, and it’s okay

    Freedom at last… Not far away.

    Take the keys in your hand,

    Turn it in the lock

    Open the doors for the captives

    Who are stuck in a block

    Light cascading in the dark recesses

    Showing the way… each part HE blesses

    Its okay it safe here HE said

    Holds her hand and kisses her head..

    Come with me, I’ll show you the way

    My grace is on you this day… this day

    My grace is on you this day… this day



  5. forgivenmadefree
    Nov 16, 2010 @ 16:58:31

    Gee, Kris – you are right-on, as usual. God never stirs the pot for no reason. I got “stirred” just a couple of days ago, and it still hurts. I was walking around, feeling pretty good about myself and the progress I’ve made; when BAM! something happened and I was reminded of how prone to sin I really am. The whole experience shook me up. Satan started telling me all kinds of lies about how untrustworthy I really am and how completely unlovable I am. I’m still working on banishing Satan’s lies with the Truth. Now I need to go to God and ask Him to scoop all the nastiness that surfaced when He stirred my pot. I don’t have any answers or words of wisdom to offer – just whatever comfort comes from knowing you are not alone in your experiences. Thank you so much for sharing yourself, Kris. You are a blessing.



    • Kris Lukings
      Nov 16, 2010 @ 17:40:43

      Thank you Forgiven. A part of me wants to say that I am sorry you got stirred – but I can’t. I know that it will be for your good in the end. Don’t negate your progress because of something that happened – don’t you dare let the liar take from you what you have gained! We are all prone to sin – that is a part of being human… You keep telling satan the truth when he tries to feed you lies. When he says you are not trustworthy – you show him that you are, when he tells you that you are unlovable – you tell him that I said he is the father of lies because I love you very much and know countless others who do too.

      You are strong and you are a Daughter of the King – my sister. I will be praying for you as you walk this part of your journey… I can’t wait to see how you shine as God does some scooping and then pours Himself into the newly cleaned out places.



  6. Bongo
    Nov 16, 2010 @ 15:12:55

    Hi Kris…I’m truly enjoying your writings…sometimes even with God I feel very much alone in my journey.. but then I fall upon some words like yours and It’s comforting.. someone else out there gets it…It’s nice to be able to be part of someone else’s journey and I thank you for that ..I believe I am also being dissected.. and it’s happening quite quickly…I fear what is to come but I also know there is no healing in avoiding it.. so I’m stepping in , in faith ..trying to find courage and trust.. even trust in what God is doing in me… thank you again 🙂



    • Kris Lukings
      Nov 16, 2010 @ 17:34:49

      Hi Bonnie,
      It is hard to not feel alone in this journey, but we must always remember that whether it feels like it or not – God is right there with us. Trust in that knowledge instead of the feeling of being alone. God often uses others to lead us to comforting or encouraging words. As you know from sharing your journey, there are others who get it and it is so great just to know that. Do trust in Him – He has such good things for us if we will allow it. Thank you for your encouraging words. I am sure that you feel the same way – but if all of this helps but one person, it is worth putting myself out there. Much love to you…



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