The Passion of Christ

The Passion of Christ… In reality was an act of complete obedience, selflessness, and unconditional love as the world had or will ever know again.

I have been reflecting on exactly what defined The Passion of Christ since we watched Mel Gibson’s movie The Passion of the Christ earlier this week. So many think that this refers to the suffering that Christ went through leading up to and on the cross. But I beg to differ…

 YOU AND I are the passion of Christ.

 Do you GET that? I am not asking you if you KNOW this, but I am asking if you completely GET IT –beyond head knowledge – deep down in your heart do YOU GET IT???

Do you really and truly completely get that the Son of the Living God loved YOU so much that He was willing to be beaten beyond anything most of us can fathom, spit upon and cursed, and finally hung on a cross held up by nails through his hands and feet in order to secure your opportunity for freedom?

He gave up His throne on the right hand of His father, His royal status to come to earth as a man – a servant to all men – in order to restore us to Himself. His torture and crucifixion is what provided you with the opportunity to have a relationship with the Living God if we so choose.

I beg you not to look at the cross and the crucifixion the way that you always have…   Please when you think of the cross, of what Jesus did for you, don’t make it the pretty little Sunday School story that we were told as children. The cleaned up version is fine for the little ones – but as adults we need to know the truth of the cross.

We need to know and GET that it was filthy, violent, devastating, humiliating, and agonizingly painful. Jesus was a man – He hurt when he stubbed His toe just like we do. Yet He bore more physical pain than my mind can comprehend. Neither can I comprehend the weight of the world’s sins (the sin of every person who ever lived) upon His shoulders as the weight of my own sin feels unbearable to me.

The love that the Son of Man/the Son of the Living God has for you and for me is unfathomable.

Why is it important to truly GET the fact that we are His passion – why is it so important that we be AFFECTED by this? Because sweet friend, if you don’t truly get it – if you remain unaffected by Jesus and what He has done for you – your eternal destination may very well be in a far warmer climate than you might think. If you are unaffected by Jesus now, you are on a dangerous path.

Strong words, yes. But too many seem to have the head knowledge of our precious Saviour but no heart knowledge, too many are unaffected by the gift of His life to save their souls. My heart is sick lately as I think about people who don’t concern themselves with Jesus.

Affected means “impacted, created an effect on, changed in a certain way.”  If we are not affected by the person of Christ, have we been changed to His likeness?

I am so desperate for you to know and understand how very much that Jesus loves you. His love is overwhelming, all-encompassing, empowering, restoring, and totally fulfilling. Once you get a sense of His love, it is life-changing.

It has been less than a decade since the moment that I came to truly know His love and to be affected by it. Although a professing Christian since a young child, I really never understood the love of Christ not the real change that should have happened in my life.

I grew up fearing that I would mess up and be sent to hell; but fear was not enough to keep me walking with the Lord. It was not until I was flooded with the feeling of love and acceptance as never before that I began to understand and be affected by His love. I literally felt as if I was being washed away by a tide that I could not see. When the tide settled, I was left with peace beyond imagination and no longer carried the burden of the sinful things that I had done in my life.

Though I am so very far from perfect, when I am still and listen intently for Him to call to me, that same tide rushes in and overwhelms my soul once again… I have but to wait on Him to find my peace.

I hope that you won’t take this note as judgmental. No one can know your heart except you and God.

I feel led to ask you to examine your own heart and your life (for if your heart is changed, so will your life be changed) for evidence of being affected by Jesus Christ. Ask yourself if you truly understand the sacrifice that Christ laid down for you. If you do not have a clear answer, ask God to show you your own heart and to guide you to the full realization of His love and His sacrifice and then allow yourself to be affected by the true Passion of Christ…

He has been waiting all your life.


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  1. Sherrill kivell
    Apr 20, 2014 @ 09:21:00

    Thank you for taking time to share Kris.



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