A Story About Faith and Authority

I want to tell you a little story about faith and our authority in Christ.

There are so many pits that we can fall into in this life.  A couple weeks or so ago,
I LITERALLY fell/stepped into a pit in a pitch black room (actually a trench but you get the gist).


In 2003 I ruptured my L 3/4 4/5 and have been quite careful with my back since that time.  Once the reality of what had just happened registered in my mind, I began to think about how injured I was going to be.  Having had ruptured discs in the past, I knew that normally you do not jar your back, even a little bit, without serious consequences.

I crawled out of the trench and, thinking strictly in the natural, prepared myself for a serious problem with my back.  It took almost a week for it to get serious but it did, I could hardly walk or do anything else without being in agony.

You don’t always know the extent of a back injury immediately and I thought that I would be very lucky to be able to walk the next day.  It took almost a week for the real pain to start but when it did, it came with a vengeance.  The doctor said that the pain was likely delayed because my back had clenched and as long as it stayed in that clenched state, I didn’t feel the extent of the injuries.  It was only after a massage that the muscles be an to relax and the pain hit hard.

I have been hobbling around in pain as I tried to go about my daily life. Tim took over walking the dog because it just hurt me too badly.  He also took over lots of the other things I typically do in the house because I just couldn’t do them anymore.  I was doing everything I knew to do and had been told to do and the pain would not relent.

Sunday rolled around and I was dreading church because it is the place that I was most uncomfortable.  The pews put my back in a terrible position where I couldn’t find any relief.  I am so glad I didn’t give in to staying home because the Lord had a word for me.  Tim’s message was called Walking in Authority.  He talked about how we have the same authority to do things that Jesus did while on this Earth, to take authority over things that did not positively affect their lives.  One of his points highlighting this authority was when Jesus commanded the fig tree to never bear fruit again because it had no fruit at their time of need.  There was so much more to this message that is important about the absolute need to know the Father’s will in order to use this authority and reasons why your authoritative prayer might not have been/might not be answered (message is up on the ECC website Thursday or Friday if you want to listen).

As he was speaking, if occurred to me that if I truly believed what he was saying, I had authority to command my back to stop causing me agony and to start operating as God designed it to do.  I grabbed ahold of that truth and did just that.  Instantly, I could feel the difference and had relief for the first time in at least 1.5 weeks from the terrible pain.  The longer I sat ‘testing it’, the better it felt.

You see, God healed me of problems with my back that stemmed from the surgery (i.e. scar tissue) years ago so I KNEW that God’s will was NOT for me to be limited in my life by back pain..  I realized that my reaction and expectation when I fell was totally without faith.  It was a completely natural reaction and for someone God hadn’t already touched, understandable.  I should have crawled out of that trench and supernaturally laid claim the healing that had already been provided instead of just accepting the natural consequences/repercussions.

Still, God held my hand and shined a brighter light on this truth.  He did it without anger at my not immediately turning to Him, He did it without shaming me, He did it so that I could live life and live it more abundantly.  He did it, not because I deserved it (hardly!), but because He loves me.  He loves you just the same.

One more quick thing:  if I had not recently participated in a study of Christine Caine’s book Unashamed, I don’t think that I would have clued in to a message saying that I have the same authority as Christ.  God’s timing is perfect!  He pointed me to that study preparing me for the message that Tim was going to give last Sunday.  And by the way, the message was something like 109 in a series on the life of Jesus done chronologically so don’t think this was all coincidental, we have a great God working on the finest details of our lives.  Believe it!


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